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Namebook "Easter adventures of your child"

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Order a book for any Name for a boy or girl.

You can order this book in Ukrainian and Russian.

Well, spring being late is such a disaster!

Easter is coming, but nobody has spring vibes!

Nobody wants to bake cakes and cookies, eat chocolate candies, paint eggs and decorate houses!

What is more, there is actually no place to hide eggs!

No bushes, no flowers, no fragrant grasses, no flowering trees!

Fortunately these are two best friends who get down to business.

Frou-Frou Chick and Bo Rabbit together with your baby will surely find Spring and have a cheerful and happy Easter.

БумагаMunken 170 г/м
Количество страниц28
Вес450 г
Формат205 х 285 мм
Полноцветная печать+

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Редактор: Алексей Олейник

Илюстратор: Алина Писна

Дизайнер: Николай Потипака

Редактор, Автор текстов: Галина Теличук