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Name book "Your Baby and the Red Elf or the story for children who wake up in a good mood"

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The series "The Seven Rainbow Elves" is devoted to the most basic "everyday" problems of child-parent relations: obedience, whims, order, etc. The main character together with his parents finds the answers to these questions. And help him in this our magic elves.

What is this book about:

This story is about how important it is to start your day with pleasant emotions and joy. A new day is like a small birth! The baby is expected to have many discoveries and impressions. It is so important that the new day of the little researcher starts with a smile, acceptance and good mood. And who, if not parents, can give a beloved this miracle! A miracle of a new joyful day!

БумагаMunken 170 г/м
Количество страниц24
Вес450 г
Формат205 х 285 мм
Полноцветная печать+
ТиражIt is made in a single copy

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Редактор: Алексей Олейник

Автор текстов: Алена Олейник

Дизайнер: Николай Потипака

Илюстратор: Юля Демченко