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Name book "Your Baby and the Blue Elf, or the Story for the Skeletal Children"

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The series "The Seven Rainbow Elves" is devoted to the most basic "everyday" problems of child-parent relations: obedience, whims, order, etc.

The main character together with his parents finds the answers to these questions. 

And help him in this our magic elves.

What is this book about :

Whims in this tale begin to haunt our Hero from the very beginning.

He tries to understand what is really happening to him and only at the end of the story he finds a simple, but very important answer to the question: how to deal with whims?

БумагаMunken 170 г/м
Количество страниц24
Вес450 г
Формат205 х 285 мм
Срок изготовленияproduction time 3 days
Полноцветная печать+
ТиражIt is made in a single copy

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Редактор: Алексей Олейник

Автор текстов: Алена Олейник

Дизайнер: Николай Потипака

Илюстратор: Юля Демченко