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Namebook "Easter adventures of your child"

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   Namebook «Easter adventures of your child» fascinates every child with his own interest and mystery, for the story is always a mystery. Namebook «Easter adventures of your child» is a true pleasure for the kids, besides wonderful pictures, illustrations, the text is presented in the style of the poem, is very important for his understanding. Each of the parents should buy this book because it is incredible, interesting and useful, and most importantly - Interesting especially for children. Children willingly will read and immerse themselves in this fabulous world. You can order this book in Ukrainian and Russian.

   The story of the book itself is incredible. The author describes how a little baby woke a wonderful spring and is preparing for a bright holiday Easter. The key role in the namebook «Easter adventures of your child» is played by the colorful and floral title of this book, and it is also important to write the text itself in beautiful and readable letters. Therefore, if your child really wants to plunge into the world of fairy tales and look for a real miracle, that is precisely this.

   The book will be useful to her, I think that every buyer will like it, because who does not love fairy tales, and the fairy-tales about the Easter holiday, this is a true fairy tale! The main attributes of this fairy tale are the Easter holiday, this holiday is described by the author in his book. Easter eggs, gifts, and spring. The spring as a world of childhood and inspiration, a world of pleasure and awakening, create and fascinate the world. This is the spring in the work of the author. A picturesque pictures of animals and plants capture even more to your reading children.
   It is this fabulous book about Easter, or about the preparation for this bright day, will be interesting for your child to read.

Количество страниц32
Вес450 г
Длина285 мм
Ширина205 мм
Формат205 х 285 мм
Полноцветная печать+
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Редактор: Алексей Олейник

Илюстратор: Алина Писна

Дизайнер: Николай Потипака

Редактор, Автор текстов: Галина Теличук